History of the Russian customs starts with the end of the X century, with the first mention of trade taxes, which were levied in the ancient state of commodities on their way from the producer to the consumer. In the middle of the XIII century, the Mongol-Tatars introduced its toll - tamga.Tamga (from Turkic) is a sign of ownership, stamp or seal. Initially tamga was taken when the application is required when selling stamps (seals) riches or governor. Tamga gradually developed into one of the most profitable fees charged on the value of the goods.

In the middle of the XVII century in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich adopted Shopping charter (25 October 1653), the authorized customs Merit (1654) and the New Commercial Charter (1667). These documents became the beginning of reforms in the Russian customs system at the time of the most confusing and archaic.

October 25, 1991 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation is formed by the State Customs Committee of Russia.

Can you imagine that in Russia there are 14 customs offices, which in its turn have an average of 10-15 subordinated territorial customs posts! The first question - 'How To Choose?'. Suppose you have decided, but once there is a second question - "Are the tariff rates suitable for this position?", Then, the third question - "Who is to know this information?". Over time, such a task as customs clearance acquires more and more new questions... You may be sure that the incorrect submission of documents to the customs post at best, for you will result in failure, at worst - criminal liability.

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