If you decide to become a participant of foreign economic activity, then you need the knowledge of doing business with foreign partners. This is a serious decision, since it is accompanied by high risks and the necessity of organizing a special documents.

For who needs this service?

  • Primarily for companies who trade in goods from other countries.
  • For developing companies.
  • For manufacturing companies.
  • For companies who on a regular basis are necessary to purchase foreign components and materials.
  • For food suppliers.

In practice, its own foreign trade department - is a staff of dozens of people different professions (lawyers, accountants, experts in export-import, etc.). Are you ready to contain such staff. Is it appropriate to you from to have own foreign trade department? If not, the FEA outsourcing - is the service for you.

The company "Oriental Logistics" is ready to perform the following work for you:

  1. The study of foreign market conditions for the selected product.
  2. Search for a supplier of goods.
  3. Evaluation of suppliers in terms of reliability.
  4. Development and evaluation of documents (agreements, contracts, etc.).
  5. Accompanying you by our specialists at all stages of interaction with foreign partners up to signing the agreement / contract.
  6. Monitoring of observance of norms and regulations adopted in the chosen country: the method of production options to securing cargo.
  7. Quality control of the goods.
  8. Control over the implementation of the production timing.
  9. Control of cargo delivery to the customs terminal.
  10. Monitoring of compliance with all the rules for customs clearance.
  11. The delivery control of goods to your warehouse.

This is the only major works performed by employees of the company "Oriental Logistics" within "FEA outsourcing."

The company "Oriental Logistics" takes full responsibility for all of the supplies carried by the scheme FEA outsourcing, and insures the goods against all risks with documentary evidence. We work only with reliable insurance companies and guarantee compensation for damages.

More information can be found by contacting our professionals.

We are always glad to help you!

"Oriental Logistics"