China ranks first in the world in terms of production facilities in the world. At this point is an issue of selecting the most attractive price on the criteria / quality factories. Considering that the Chinese economy is growing rapidly, and each resident seeks to make money, the main task is to identify the actual production of handicraft production type.

Employees of the company "Oriental Logistics", a long time living in China, fluent in Chinese and have extensive experience in the negotiation with Chinese manufacturers. Our staff can ensure the reliability of the producer and goods they produces.

The search of the manufacturer in China begins with an analysis of the market selected product categories, the emphasis is on competitive analysis, including the analysis of price policy and its reputation (quality of materials, reliability of supply, the number of years in the market, and so on). Once you will be prepared a detailed report and a list of manufacturers, we are ready to offer you a trip to China and visually verify the conclusions made ​​by our employees.

Our experts will accompany you at all stages of the service. We will arrange delivery and customs clearance of your goods.

Services provided by our experts:

  1. Search of Industry of China.
  2. Selection of the plant according to your criteria.
  3. Information search on the cost of the necessary goods.
  4. Selection of staff in China.
  5. Special market research on interesting equipment and commodities.
  6. Identification of potential suppliers and partners.
  7. Providing contact information of the manufacturer.
  8. Analysis of the prices offered by the manufacturer.
  9. Providing samples of interesting goods.
  10. Providing pictures interesting goods.
  11. Conducting telephone conversations and correspondence with the manufacturer.
  12. Negotiations with the Chinese manufacturer in person.
  13. Prepare necessary papers to complete the transaction, as well as legal advice.
  14. Matching at the signing of the contract.
  15. Monitoring compliance with the conditions of the contract and the quality of the products supplied.

We will be happy to help your business. You grow and evolve, the frequency of the supply grows, we grow with you!

"Oriental Logistics"